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The business Inline Detailing And Autostyling LLC is a detailing and autostyling center that exercises the utmost care with the customer’s cars. Given the various degree of vehicle conditions entering the premises, The business Inline Detailing And Autostyling LLC will not be responsible for any incidental damage that may occur while your vehicle is in Inline Detailing And Autostyling, including but not limited to any damage related to pre‐existing conditions (tears, scratches, dents, stains, odors, etc.), damage to automated windshield wiper systems, wiper blades, rear window wipers, loose interior trim or exterior moldings, exterior mirrors, trailer hitch caps, roof racks, power antennas, insignias, aftermarket accessories (bug shields, sun visors), magnetic signage, running boards, hood ornaments, or alloy, chrome or mag wheels, headlights, rear lamps, or reflectors. Inline Detailing and Autostyling will not be responsible for any electrical issues that may arise from work performed on customer vehicles as all vehicles come in varies conditions and may have underlying issues know or unknow to customer. Inline Detailing and Autostyling will not be responsible for ANY paint that may come off from detailing service being performed interior and exterior. Inline Detailing will not be held responsible for faded/discolored or loss of color on plastics,vinyl,leather carpeting before or after detailing services have been performed. We are responsible for any damage we cause while driving your vehicle and for anything we break or damage in the course of providing our service, so long as the damage did not involve a prior condition. Inline Detailing and Autostyling is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belongings left in vehicle. All personal belongings must be removed from vehicle prior to Inline Detailing and Autosyling taking in customer vehicle.  ENGINE WASH WAIVER I, the undersigned car owner agree to pay Inline Detailing and Autostyling LLC to conduct a standard and customary engine wash upon my car in which Inline Detailing and Autostyling LLC will degrease the engine compartment with pressurized water and chemicals. Inline Detailing and Autostyling has advised me that in certain limited occasions an Engine Wash could lead to certain mechanical issues related to the car such as poor performance or no performance (“Engine Issues”). Any Check engine lights or any other lights that come on after engine wash will be owners responsibility.  Owner fully acknowledges and agrees that Owner assumes all risk of Engine Issues relating to the Engine Wash and Owner agrees to be fully responsible therefore and waive any and all claims against Inline Detailing And Autostyling relating to the Engine Wash. Accordingly, for good and sufficient consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, Owner releases and discharges Inline Detailing And Autostyling LLC from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities, whether known or unknown, whether foreseeable or not, relating in any way to the Engine Wash. Inline Detailing and Autostyling LLC does not REFASTEN any car seats/booster seats of any and will not be responsible for and injuries due to owner or driver neglecting to check car seats and booster seats. Inline Detailing will not be held responsible if accidents occur due to slippery floors after completing detailing of vehicle. Window Tint I request and want to receive the application of window tint that is darker than this legal limit. I agree not to hold Inline Detailing And Autostyling LLC or anyone associated with Inline Detailing And Autostyling LLC liable for any consequences or tickets that may occur from this purchase. This would also include but not limited to indemnification and release from damages, judgments, costs of attorney fees or other litigation expenses. Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from these services. If at any time I want to have a lighter tint installed on the front windows I understand I am responsible for removal and replacement costs. I subscribe to any and all email and text messaging advertising done by Inline Detailing.  All services are subject to sales tax. OVERNIGHT STORAGE FEE OF $15 FOR VEHICLES NOT PICKED UP SAME DAY.   I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS DOCUMENT & RECOGNIZE THAT BY Confirming my appointment I HAVE SURRENDERED CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS.

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